Embryonic Necrophagy II


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The fifth release from CHAINSAW CASTRATION is a complete re-recording of very first EP, with a crisper production, a permanent vocalist and actual lyrics(!).

The response from this when it was first announced has been absolutely fantastic and totally overwhelming, and I can't thank you all enough.

A big thank you once again to Joe Legge (HVMAN TEETH) for his deadly mixing and mastering job, all the promoters who've put us on and all the bands we've shared the stage with or who have lent us gear (because I'm an unorganised fuck). Special shout outs to Laurence Alves for handling all the Slamchester graphics work, Joseph Karavas for all the hard work he puts into Slam Worldwide, Calum Forrest and Ben Sutherland for their guest parts and Ben Quinlivan for being the whitest white-boy ever.

Shout out to Visions of Disfigurement, Joy Division, Yolandi Vi$$er.

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released October 28, 2015

Jack - Music
Lennon - Vocals & Lyrics



all rights reserved



Brutal Death Metal / Slam from Nottingham / Manchester.


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Track Name: River Of Cadavers feat. Ben Sutherland (Harbinger)
[Lyrics by Lennon O'Donnell]

Excavating the human-righteous impulsive tendencies
What was written inside a book now sealed shut again with other's outside looks
Torture and perversion against everybody's apathy
These streams are kept sacred to those who kept a diary

So watch the bodies flow down the riverbank
Their blood is spilled for sin
Undermining intervals of breed and bleak utter black chaos
We are bludgeoning the remnants...
All human life; now act as if you didn't take it for granted
We have entered malevolent fragments of what we built in for society
It's such a shame; a single rabbit's carrion could decide the fate of a whole kingdom

Control your power, control your faith
It will all be stripped away
Control the urges, control the pain
Remember the bodies washing away

I will not stand by and manifest your appetite
Look to the river of cadavers
Your pride is our shame
Track Name: The Palpitation Of Every Artery feat. Calum Forrest (Operation Cunt Destroyer)
[Lyrics by Calum Forrest]

With my dick I penetrate
With blood and guts I masturbate
Forcefully I pin her down, pushing her face into the ground
Her muffled screams are what keep me keen
With pussy lips wide, I'll slit this bitch
My knife just deeper than my cock
Make her scream until she creams

You won't know pain until I'm finished with you
Inserting, deserting and leaving your body to rot
Your muffled screams are what keep me keen
With pussy lips wide, I'll slit this bitch
And leaving your body to rot eternally

Internal ejaculation
It's my fascination

Once my dick pulls, I feel the urge to rip her to shreds
Lacerations are deep in her skin

With my dick I penetrate
With blood and guts I masturbate
Forcefully I pin her to the ground
Pussy lips wide and face straight to the ground
Muffled screams keeping me keen
With this knife I'll slit this bitch
Track Name: Blunt Force Trauma
[Lyrics by Lennon O'Donnell]

Draining constant acid from the wounds of deceased victims' appetite
Disturbing images plague everyone's perseverance
I grow weak

Culling of demons as I murder serpentines
Bash your fucking head with my hammer in hand
Your brains splatter to the cold ground as I reign
Torture is my way of life, I'm fucking insane

Blunt force trauma
Bleeding on the ground dead
No more life in you now
Now I'm hacking your corpse
(This is what I'm meant for
Compact for a trophy)
Detectives are out to find
But they'll never find me
Your body under the house
With the other thirteen
Rigor mortis entices me

Get this body out of here, leaking fluids on the floor
Bring this bastard to a bag
Cursed names as eulogies are once said once more

Oceans of delusion constantly fill my mind
My soul is rotting
Kill the innocence in my head again
Banish all the entities straight to hell
Track Name: New Extremity
[Lyrics by Harry Nott and Lennon O'Donnell]

Punching your face until it collapses
Raping your cunt until it prolapses
You fucking piece of shit
I'll destroy your existence
I will destroy your existence

This is irreversible
Chaos defines my whole world
Chaos defines every single thing ever known
Take this bullet to your dome
The demon you've ever known

Inhumane, this violence I proclaim
Disengage, reality fragmenting

Introducing a new wave of extremity
Unleashing hell, now it's death you'll see
Time destroys everything